PALAU HOTEL presents you the Authentic Palau

THE PALAU HOTEL proudly boosts its best location and hospitality to represent Palau. At the hub of Koror and right in the front of the WCTC, the biggest mall in Palau, the Palau Hotel always welcomes passengers with its warmest regards each day and night. It takes only 15-minute drive from the Roman Tmetuchl International Airport. The hotel houses 54 well-furnished rooms and a cozy lobby with Free Wi-Fi, ideally for maximum leisure and comfort.

Being the first hotel in Koror, THE PALAU HOTEL was built in 1982 and renovated in 2016. In June 2017, the magnificent hotel with its building reborn outstanding in Koror speaks out loud its legacy.

This renovated building also reveals the concordance of the modern architecture with the traditional elements of Palau. For instance, the Bai, a typical Palau architecture, is perfectly set on the roof of Palau Hotel. Also, this wonderful integration has activated Palau timber industry, when the Palau mahogany was used as one of hotel building materials.

In addition, The Palau hotel takes this Rock Island and crystal ocean as the theme color, green and blue, spread the hotel as a whole. We hope not only to inlet the new concepts into Palau, but also to merge them with “traditional Palau culture and pristine nature”. Therefore, the solar system is used throughout the hotel. The shower gels and shampoos are all organic and provided in natural formula.

Responding to the calling of “green and blue”, we are sure that you cannot wait to discover the Jellyfish Lake, the Arch, the way of rainbow end, and dream swings, blue Wave ceiling, plantation wall, and manta ray door sign at the different corner of our hotel.

From THE PALAU HOTEL, your dreaming vacation gets started! Do enjoy the passion of Palau, find your romance, and embrace “blue and green of Palau” with its unique style!!

P.O.Box 457, Ikelau Hamlet, 96940, Koror, Republic of Palau
Tel: +680-488- 5678 
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